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~ Tuesday, August 28 ~


It’s the beginning of school year in Rhode Island and I somewhat feel depressed and having a bloggers block. I think its because the death of a public servant in the Philippines triggered a certain sadness in my heart which made my mind blank and void for a few days.

Today I decided (after much thought and self-deliberation between me and my alters, that I have to end SPINSTER NO MORE.

I will be opening a different chapter of my life soon. And I hope you will join me once more on that journey.  

I have enjoyed writing about my boredom and escapades for the past 7 months. Can you believe it? I hope you enjoyed reading it as well. Thank you for being a part of my existence. I wish you all the best!

Keep smiling everyone! Life is good. Go and get one! 

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~ Tuesday, August 21 ~

Live Happily Ever After NOW

There was a special guy I know who died when I was on my teenage years. We had a love and hate relationship. He loves me. I hate him. He broke my heart. And I can never ever forget that. So he died. And I did not cry. Until I realized that I will never see him again. Approximately 3 years after.

When my friend Knox died last year I was so depressed that the Hubster made extra effort to comfort me.

Mayor Jesse Robredo died of a plane crash and his body was just found. And I have to be honest that I do not know of him personally. But his death triggered something and it made me question myself and my aspirations in life.

Life is short. And I have always been an advocate for people to get one. But I must admit that lately I have to practice what I preach. I have to get a life!

Some people who knew me would say that I have a life. One of a doting wife who engross herself on social media (Facebook, Blogger, Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram) who has a pseudo-shop on EBAY (and soon ETSY) who fancy herself as a domestic Goddess, craftist, hobbyist, blogger and a dream chaser. 

But am I really chasing dreams? Or am I bumming around and not using my resources to broaden my horizon?

I am trying so hard to enjoy life. I want to savor each moment I spend with love ones. As I have learned, I should focus more on watering the flowers in my life instead of the weeds who kept on pulling me down. I felt that I am in a basket full of crabs where I struggle to climb atop but kept of being pulled down. 

I need to get out of that basket.

I need to focus on a life where I can be productive and proactive. I need to start doing something. I need to making something. Out of this life. Which is short. And therefore should be lived to its fullest extent.

PS: To Sec. (But I still refer to him as Mayor) Jesse Robredo, I salute you. Not just because you are a leader or a good role model, but mainly because you are a good father and a good husband. You are an inspiration and the Nagauenos will never forget your greatness.

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~ Sunday, August 19 ~

Spinster No More

Its another lazy Sunday. Last night I just finished my second blog-book and ordered it online. “The Passionate Fashionista” is dedicated to my good friend Knox who passed away last year. I ended the blog because I felt that it was time for me to move on to another chapter in my life. I felt that I can no longer write much about fashion alone because I am a wife who needed to focus on being one. I felt that after a year and a few months of getting married with the Hubster I finally came into the realization that I am no longer the person I once was. 

I am Spinster no more.

After much thought and a blog-title inspiration from my Russian friend Alina, I finally moved on to this new blog. My move to tumblr was inspired from a handsome gay friend named Emman who blog with style in a city I love so much, Dubai.

Today the Hubster called to inform that he lost his phone and I spent an hour looking for it everywhere but to no avail. After 3 hours, he called using his phone which he found at the passenger seat of his friend’s truck. What a relief! How can I nag him without his phone? 

To those who do not know me well, allow me to inform you that I am skeptical, semi-pessimist, sarcastic and self-deprecating and therefore there should be no judgments encouraged from anyone because my biggest critic is myself. However, in an inevitable circumstance that you can no longer hold your tongue I would suggest you calm me down first, because if you will not, please be informed that I am not responsible of my actions. 

At least now I can breathe and relax knowing that I have already warned everyone of how horrible and devilish I can be.

Let’s move on.

As a self-proclaimed Domestic Goddess, I have gazillion things to do. And one of them requires immediate attention. I have piles of clean clothes waiting to be pressed. I need to be vigilant about this.

On a different note, I bought a fabric steamer on EBAY because the clothes I sell is not being given justice by my camera. I hope this one works. I am also contemplating of starting a shop on ETSY. So who’s saying I am bumming around?

Weekend is almost over and tonight after golfing with his buddies from New York, the Hubster will spend time with his buddies here in Rhode Island for the much awaited Fantasy Football draft. Meanwhile, I can finally sew the new shower curtain. 

Wish me luck! 

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~ Friday, August 17 ~


Hello Roadies! I’m back from our mini-vacay in New Jersey and the Big Apple. The highlight of our escapade was visiting Lady Liberty. She is being polished for the time being and the viewing deck is definitely not open. Not that I would take the risk of climbing stairs just to get a glimpse of “the view” but I would have tried. Gazillion of people flock the Island everyday and I was just glad we took the earlier ferry. 

The Statue of Liberty (Liberty Enlightening the World; French: La Liberté éclairant le monde) is a colossal neoclassical sculpture on Liberty Island in New York Harbor, designed by Frédéric Bartholdi and dedicated on October 28, 1886. The statue, a gift to the United States from the people of France, is of a robed female figure representing Libertas, the Roman goddess of freedom, who bears a torch and a tabula ansata (a tablet evoking the law) upon which is inscribed the date of the American Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776. A broken chain lies at her feet. The statue is an icon of freedom and of the United States: a welcoming signal to immigrants arriving from abroad. (Reference: Wikipedia)

Which reminds me, I know that most of the people I love may not agree but as I have said I respect their beliefs, views and opinion and it will not hurt if they will respect mine. 

I love Gays. I love them to bits. I love their talent, creativity and their ability to make people laugh. There is nothing more I wish for my gay friends to have but freedom and equal rights. I would love to see them happy and sharing a lifetime with the Men they love and loves them back. 

On a different note, I still and will always enjoy using a FEMALE restroom and would prefer to use it than a communal. Not because of any gender bias but because men are slobs when it comes to bathroom usage. And I am stating this through experience.

I am Pro-Gay Marriage. I am Pro-CHOICE. I am Pro-Liberty.

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~ Thursday, August 16 ~

Much Awaited Book

The morning started really lazy because the Hubster had his car towed last night and of course, as expected really really grumpy. My role for today is to be a doting wife, I signed up for this.

While he was at his garden, there was a doorbell and I ran thinking he locked himself again, then it was the postman. He introduced himself as expected from a suburb postman. I really forgot his name but I’m sure it was insignificant. At least for me. The name, not the person. Hello? I need him in my life. I do a lot of shipping and I am sure that soon there will a lot of shipment for me. 

Surprise! Surprise! My first ever blog turned to a book:

Now I have to edit my second blogbook. This is so awesome! If you are on Blogger visit the site, Blog2print. Mine costs $30. It’s black and white but the cover is colored. 

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~ Friday, August 10 ~

According To Dr. Seuss

I am suffering from Bloggers block for the past few days. I am currently working on my second book to be published via blog2print. I cant even wait to get my hand on the first and here I am obsessing on the second, on the third.

Today I am multi-tasking. I am doing the laundry while watching HOUSE marathon, cleaning the house and lunch. I still need to take new photos for the stuff I sell on ebay, edit the lighting, post it on my blog and schedule it to be POSTED on EBAY. I have to go to the post office and mail the items bought. I have to pack. 

Damn! I still need to pack. We will be leaving for New York at 5am tomorrow and I’m pretty sure it will be a busy day. Sunday will be hectic as well. And we will be in New Jersey and head home on Wednesday.

I need to pack!

Which reminds me of an incident about my Mother telling me to stop blogging because I offend people. To be honest, I really don’t care about those people. I cannot force people to like me. Not even if I try hypnosis. It’s my personality. What other people think of me is their business. I am old enough to realize that I can never please everyone. 

Plus the fact that some people can be so assuming. That’s also not my problem. I am a person with a handful of friends who heed my advice, therefore do not assume that everything I write is about one particular person whom I only known for a few months. I may not care about you that much yet. So please, don’t flatter yourself and be so assuming! 

I will not stop blogging. As a matter of fact, I will continue doing what I do with my life because this is who I am and this is what I wanted to do. I have been blogging since 2006 through Friendster. And I blogged in Dubai (2007-2010) through blogger and now I am on tumblr. Why would I stop now?

Never sacrifice who you are just because someone has a problem with it. Go on with your life. Enjoy what you do best. Enjoy life. To the point that when you are on your deathbed you will smile and reminisce the life you had and say to yourself, I had a LIFE, I maximized it, I enjoyed it.

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~ Monday, August 6 ~

Eccentric Narcissist

"From where I’m sitting,
I AM the centre of the Universe!” 
― Sebastyne Young

(Taken at Bristol, Rhode Island during Fourth of July 2012)

After reading an excerpt of

Why Is It Always About You? : The Seven Deadly Sins of Narcissism

by Sandy Hotchkiss and James Masterson, I realized (with much disappointment!) that I am not really a full blown Narcissist. I suggest that you read the book and find out by yourself. I can no longer push myself to read the whole book because it bore the living hell out of me.

I had a chance to talk to people who could not even bear a single minute of a conversation not running through (and about) their lives. It has to always be about them. Maybe the world revolve around them and they are the only important being. Maybe we are merely players on their game in this vast world.

It is better to be disliked for who you are, than be liked for whom you are not!

I’m here! I’m Queer (eccentric!) Get used to it!

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~ Sunday, August 5 ~

High Waters

Congratulations to the Dream Swim Team of USA! 

A lot of people might be curious as to what will Michael Phelps will now do with his life. He can now do whatever he pleases with his life. And because I applaud him as the most decorated Olympian, I will not discuss anything about “getting high” which may or may not be the first thing in his mind to celebrate RETIREMENT at 27.

To each his own! I still love the fact that he made USA proud. He is an inspiration to people. That if you fall, you have to stand back and fight again. Life is not over until your last breath.

And to the new King of the Waters, Ryan Lochte: You are HOT!  

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~ Saturday, August 4 ~

Missing Bored Thirsty

I woke up this morning and I suddenly miss “fighting” with Mr. Bored Thirsty. Its a little bit lonely in here without arguing with anyone. The Hubster no longer argue or fight with me. I’m a little bit bored myself. I’m Bored Sexy and I’m bringing sexy back! 

He said he will climb the rock and he will pretend to be SPIDERMAN.

Strawberry-picking at Sweet Berry Farm


Goofing around at The Butterfly Zoo in Tiverton

On a different note, I just arrived from a “Shopday Saturday” and decided to hibernate in my room. The only room in my crib which has air-conditioning. I decided to gather my laptop and work/blog with some COOL-ness. 

Today we went to my favorite Saturday go-to store in Providence. I was looking for a wall frame for my new (most expensive!) DIY. I will have a photo enlarged and I have learned that it will cost $39. Whoa!!!

After that we hit a vintage store to see if they have anything new for me to sell at my (imaginary) store, EBAY. Then bought new batteries for the Hubster’s phone. I know, I know, it was my phone who’s busted but I stole his’. And now he has a new battery. 

We had lunch at Square Peg (Warren, Rhode Island) and I had Fish Sandwich and a to-die-for Vanilla Chai. He had Reuben Sandwich and a Peach Iced Tea. The restaurant was spic and span and I love the laidback ambiance. 

Now, I am just looking for a good photo to blow-up and I am begging Phiay Carino will help me edit my favorite photo. 

Please. Pretty please.

Enjoy your weekend y’all! 

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~ Friday, August 3 ~

Phone-less and Unattached to the World

(Blake Lively wearing a sequined jacket)

Sequined jackets are IN! I call it the Michael Jackson jacket. Whenever I try anything with sequins it reminds me of MJ and I suddenly start to do the Moonwalk or start singing “BAD”. If there was a very light sequin I opt to sing, Lean On Me (wait, that’s Michael Bolton! Completely different Michael) or Ben.

Either way, the spirit of MJ overwhelms me whenever I see GLITTER!

I just woke up. Yesterday afternoon while I was chatting with the Abinal sisters via SKYPE through my phone, I touched my phone which was charging (I was using an ear piece) and it was extremely HOT so I unplugged it and immediately the battery popped. Of course the conversation via SKYPE was cut and I ran to the Hubster to tell him what happened. Now I don’t have a phone. And because I was upset I slept and the Hubster woke me up around 8:30pm for my dinner and to tell me that he already called T-Mobile for my phone replacement and it will arrive either Monday or Tuesday. Yay!

For the whole part of the day I was watching HOUSE on marathon. I did my duty as the Domesticated Goddess and after this blog I will take a long cold shower which may or may not stimulate my brain. I want to go back reading books and not just text messages. 

I will start with The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and see if I could imbibe the power of positive thinking. 

I heard that if you read the book and start applying it to your life you are called, SECRETING! 

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~ Thursday, August 2 ~

Emotional Baggage

I love the company I am with when I am alone. I can contemplate with my priorities in life. You see, I am a narcissist. Unlike other people who try to cover up this shame, I would like to reiterate that as I grow older I am loving myself more. I say what I want to say and I am not afraid to say it.

Most recently I was accused of blogging about specifics which I do not need to elaborate for waste of space. May I just say that I have a handful of close friends, hundreds of friends and gazillion acquaintances. Therefore when I write about things it is out of my hand if people will assume that I am writing about them. That is not my problem. Sugar said, if someone hates you, anything that you do offends them. Like that man eating a burger, eating like he owns the world! 

A guilty conscience needs no accuser!

My favorite topic (Surprise! Surprise!) is myself. I cannot write about anyone better because I know myself most. And I want it to remain that way. 

On a different note, I chanced upon my first ever attempt to maintain a BLOG. As anyone can agree, I am full of rage SB (since birth) and if you read about my previous blogs you might even and can even relate if you think of yourself as a victim.


Oh, and check this one out. Maybe this can be you as well:

Or this:

Except for one solid fact, I do not even know you when I wrote this. Check the DATES! I must have been a damn prophet.

BTW, Now I affirm that this blog contains YOU. Restrain yourself girl! The world do not revolve around you. YOU are not the only person I know. 

Pay someone to carry that baggage. It sure is kinda heavy!

To anyone who do not like what I write (or blog about!) you are free to read something else! Or do something else! On the other hand, I am also free to write what I want to write. 

Last time I checked It’s a free country.

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~ Tuesday, July 31 ~

Pass Me That Sandals

Can anyone just throw this sandals to my direction? I have lovely feet too. Hahahaha!

I remember my friend, Amor who told me of a man obsessing with my feet. Who does that? 

One thing I miss in the Philippines is a good old refreshing maniped. Here in US the maniped is a bummer like that of in Dubai, they do not scour the ingrown. I was told they do not like to risk a lawsuit. 

Anyway, I am in dire need of a footspa. I might try that on the morrow. 

BTW, I am having that sandals. The power of positive thinking!

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~ Monday, July 30 ~

Miss America Should Resign

I grew up watching West Side Story and the lyrics of I feel Pretty always makes me die of laughter. And if you have not heard of it, here’s your chance!

I woke up today full of energy! I watched Political Animals last night and I have to say that I am starting to love this TV series. I still love the SCANDAL best though. My only problem is, whenever I see Sigourney Weaver I felt that there is an alien following her.

Speaking of feeling pretty, I remembered a friend who once asked me if I acknowledge the fact that she is prettier than me. I said, if you think you are prettier than me you do not need my admission to validate your claims. You have to be confident about yourself. If you love yourself you will not be insecure.

An erstwhile friend once said, “99% of beauty is YOUTHFULNESS.”  

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~ Sunday, July 29 ~

I Don’t Argue

Lately, the weather seem to have been on a menopause stage. With raging hormones and hot flushes. Last week was so hot you can grill cheese sandwiches in your head. Today it is raining dinosaurs and elephants. And its annoying the hell out of me. That. Or maybe I am on a menopause stage as well.

I started this blog after I got married. Hence the title, Spinster No More. I felt that being single for a long time made me a self-proclaimed “Love Coach” and therefore it is just wise that from time to time I give senseless and unsolicited advice to anyone who fancy reading my blog. 

I was the ultimate Single Girl. Was (as the most definitive word). Just so we are on the same boat. Was. I partied. I kissed frogs. I shop a lot. I splurge. I drank and got drunk. I smoked. I painted the town not only with red but with vivid neon colors. I was the Ultimate Single Girl.

I used to think, Love is a zero score in tennis. I never compromised. 

So those gals looking for love, I suggest you grasp from the recesses of your being and ask yourself, “What do I want in a Man?” Because if you dont, you are going to stray and you will end up having something mediocre.

One of the thing I looked for in a man (not a boy!) is their ability to make me laugh. Because unbeknownst to popular belief, I love laughing. Dont get me wrong,I love to hate too. I come from a family of haters. But I love to laugh even better. And the Hubster made me laugh even on times that I want to strangle him.

Tip No. 1: A man who makes you laugh is a keeper! My friend, Perpie once said that her top priority in looking for a man is a gigantic “package” and then good looks. Now fast forward 30 or 40 years from now, will these man still look as handsome and appealing as they are now? Unless they are an “alien” like Tom Cruise (who never look old!) then I suggest you adjust your preference. But then again, to each his own. As the Filipinos say, “Kanya Kanya, Walang Pakialaman!”

Which got me thinking, I don’t care with what people do with their lives. They can do what they want with their lives and I would not care less. But what irks me the most is when people ask me for advice and they just smile and pretend that they agree with what I say when they totally do not. 

Here’s a thing about me, do not heed for my advice because I am not afraid to say what I want to say. If you do not agree with me, tell it to my face. I will hate you (YES!) but I will respect you. But I will hate you. But then again, do you really care if I hate you? If you do, then just calm me down and tell your side and say that you’d rather do what you want. I may not hate you as much but why the eff are you asking advice to begin with?

I’m just saying!

People who think they can manipulate other people, I salute them. It takes a lot of guts and wisdom (age goes with wisdom!) to pull such. But people who think they can manipulate me, I will slay them! I can be as ruthless as a criminal who do not bat an eyelash by cutting someone else’s throat. Unlike other dogs, I bark and I effin bite. It’s not a threat. It’s a promise. Try me!

I remember when the Hubster went to see my Mom and ask for my hand in marriage. She told him, “My daughter is nice and kind but you cross her, she is the Devil!” What a Mother she is! So sweet! Hahahaha!  

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~ Friday, July 27 ~

Jacket List

One thing every self-respecting trendy gal need in her wardrobe aside from the obvious LBD (Little Black dress) is a jacket. 

Look for something flexible that can go with shorts, skirts, jeans and dress.

But, if you’re someone like me. Go and get them all!

I cant wait for FALL! 

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